Global Cutting Tools & Conical Cutting Tools was founded in 1944 by Ken Stanaback to produce and market his newly invented and patented constant-spiral tapered end mill.

Their unique capabilities and proven performance quickly won the interest and respect of diverse industries. All of us at Global & Conical, many of whom have worked here for 20 years or more, are very proud of this heritage and dedicated to continuing it. Our roster of skilled tool makers and excellent support staff has made the transition from a manufacturer of specialty tapered end mills to a premier manufacturer of high-performance cutting tools, seamless. We continue to maintain international patents and actively sell to over 30 countries worldwide. Every cutting tool is designed and manufactured with the performance put before profit. We use premium materials, ultra-precision instruments and hundreds of hours of testing before ever marketing a product. You will reap the rewards of our commitment to perfection with every cutting tool you buy from us. In the coming months, we will be leaning on our history of innovation and commitment to our customers. Thousands of new tools are being launched with the most advanced geometries available on the market. We will continue to design, engineer, test and improve our tools each and every year. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

International Patents Include US, Great Britain, Germany, Holland, and Canada.

Global Cutting Tools' Patents