As the world’s leading manufacturers of High Performance end mills and producer of precision custom cutting tools, we welcome potential new employees who have a desire to succeed and contribute to a team environment. We are always on the lookout for talented staff members and provide exceptional opportunities for growth.

Our current expansion and competitive, profit-driven corporate culture encourages new ideas and shares the benefit of those with staff members. We strive to achieve constant improvement in everything we do and look forward to new members who can add to that culture. Accountability, performance, and innovation are present in everything we do.

We are committed to innovative strategies that reward your performance and contribute to our objectives. We drive our leadership with enthusiasm and vigor into new markets and a total commitment to providing solutions for our customers.

We are looking for individuals who are competitive and have the energy to deliver. People who keep things simple, act quickly and decisively and above all “act with integrity”.

Please search our available jobs listed below:

Director of Marketing and Engineering

CNC Tool Grinder

Manufacturing Representatives

Direct Sales Representatives

Customer Service Agent