Director of Marketing and Engineering, Global Tool Company, Grand Rapids, MI.  Responsible for industrial engineering, research and development, tool design, overall quality, efficiency, and estimating and costing for new international products and markets. Duties:

  • Develop relationships with international manufacturers and suppliers to strategically extend our market saturation, product development, and distribution, specifically in South America;
  • Drive sales and  meet growth objectives;
  • Manage engineering, quality assurance, and plant personnel in technical assistance, specifications, efficiency, and quality of production;
  • Improve technical support documentation (i.e., speeds and feeds tables, machining processes, tooling recommendation guides);
  • Statistically analyze product and sales data to identify profitable categories where engineering, development, and manufacturing of new product lines will provide increased revenues to the company, and improved performance to the customer;
  • Identify marketing and pricing strategy to maximize profitability; and,
  • Maximize market segmentation and product promotion, brands, and categories of metalworking supplies.

Minimum Requirements:  Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering in industrial, civil, manufacturing, or electrical engineering; Six years manufacturing experience must include the cost of materials,  labor & machine expense, two years sales experience in international markets; and three years management experience in metalworking industries. Fluent in Spanish or Portuguese. 25% Domestic and International travel required.

Apply to: Employment, Global Tool Company, 3890 Buchanan Ave SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49548