Our warranty implies, if for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you have 30 Days from the receipt to contact us and we will fix, replace, or exchange any item(s) that you see fit or refund the order (less shipping), no questions asked.

Since 1944, Global Cutting Tools has always replaced, free of charge, any end mill or cutting tool which did not perform satisfactorily, because of defective workmanship or material. This warranty is limited to replacement of defective tools; and excludes any liability resulting from the use of our tools. The customer is responsible for inspection of all tools before use. If any errors are suspected or tools are not what customer expected, the customer should contact Global before using. We cannot be held responsible for incorrect parts made with our products, due to mislabeling or defects. We will, however, replace or correct tools if the error was ours; just as we have always done.

Upon proper authorization, any product believed to be unsatisfactory may be sent back to the Returns Department for inspection. Any product determined to be defective by Global Cutting Tools will be replaced. Replacement of a defective product constitutes the full and complete warranty of Global Cutting Tools, with respect to the products sold by Global to a Distributor or Customer. There are no other warranties, expressed or implied, oral or written, with respect to such products.

In no event will Global Cutting Tools be responsible to a Distributor, its dealer’s customers or end users, for any losses (whether direct, incidental or consequential) caused by any defect in, or dissatisfaction with such products. Under no circumstances will Global Cutting Tools be liable to a Distributor, its dealers, customers, or end users for any lost profits, whether caused by “down time,” delays in production, lost orders or other circumstances attributable to such products. Under no circumstances shall a Distributor be authorized to extend on behalf of Global Cutting Tools or bind Global Cutting Tools to any warranty.