We are committed to providing the highest performing cutting tools and end mills in the industry and have been breaking ground on new products, developing new patents and improving old workhorses. Our tools have a proven record of being highly successful in their respective applications.

We combine ongoing, continuous improvement processes with thousands of hours of new tool development per year. We provide comprehensive pre-production research, which allows us to design a manufacturing process that optimizes performance, improves cycle times and promotes quality.

Our new performance tool lines will give you the edge you need to reduce downtime, increase speeds and feeds, combine operations, and will ultimately increase profits. These qualities, taken into account, create the most productive and indispensable tools available.


Proper tool setup and selection can improve your running parts by nearly 3 fold. Rather than using a 7 multi-axis machine and substantial programming time to cut a draft angle, the use of our tapered end mills were able to improve the finish and dramatically increase production results.

Run Time Parts Per Tool Cost Graph